Procedure - zinc die-casting

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With the zinc die cast procedure the liquid metal is pressed under high pressure and extremely fast into the pre-heated steel mould. This technology makes also the production of thin-walled and filigree products with a homogeneous surface and high hardness and a firmness possible.

In the zinc die-casting the following measures are set. Worth is set in:

  • highest stability
  • very thin-walled casting parts with narrow tolerance
  • Saving in material
  • Shelf life of the tool
  • and demanding surfaces

SANDER DRUCKGUSS owns zinc die cast machines, on which cast parts with a piece weight of 2 g to 500 g can be manufactured. The alloys ZPO410 and ZPO430 are used, which are fully recyclable.

Procedure – zinc die-casting Procedure – zinc die-casting Procedure – zinc die-casting