The company- a class for itself

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With the development from tradition and progress has SANDER DRUCKGUSS in over 60 years grown to a reliable production partner for complex system components out of aluminium and zinc die-casting.
One area of expertise of the company lies in the manufacturing of die cast synthetic connections.

SANDER DRUCKGUSS sets standards in accuracy, quality and technology.

Already in the development phase of your product you are accompanied with know-how by the tool manufacturing up to the production stage of the casting component ready to be installed. Thereby it is understood, that newest technology and qualified staff find their assignment.

Highest delivery and date reliability are guaranteed, in order to fulfil the claim of quality and achievement of the customer smoothly.

To the clientele belong considerable companies of the following industries:

  • automotive
  • household appliances
  • medical technology
  • electro technology
  • building accessories
  • engine building
  • alternative energy industrie
  • alternative vehicle energy

The company- a class for itself The company- a class for itself The company- a class for itself