Construction & tool making - development made to measure

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In order to obtain a perfect result in die cast production, ideas must already be put in while the construction, which guarantee a frictionless manufacturing process. That demands absolute accuracy!

In corporation with the customer die cast balanced detailed solutions are compiled, which fulfil the requirements of the component and ensure tool endurances.

In our in-house mould- and tool making department are not only new articles manufactured, the care, the maintenance and repair of means of production, but also necessary casting technical optimizations are accomplished, as well as special machines for the further processing of the die-casting parts are founded.

Here SANDER DRUCKGUSS takes the help of

  • CNC controlled machining centre and milling machine
  • Spark eroding
  • Grinding and circular grinding devises
  • Turning centre

CAD/CAM workstations with various interfaces for long-distance data transmission available.

Construction & tool making Construction & tool making Construction & tool making