Procedure - aluminium die-casting

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The liquid metal is pressed under high pressure into the pre-heated steel mould. Thus it is ensured that also finest structures are filled out in the last detail. This technology makes also the production of thin-walled and filigree products with a homogeneous surface possible.

Components out of aluminium die-casting find their application where

  • enormous stability
  • high thermal demands
  • high conductivity
  • electromagnetic intolerance
  • high anticorrosive
  • and a small piece weight

is demanded.

SANDER DRUCKGUSS is specialized on the production of middle and large production series.

SANDER DRUCKGUSS commands over process-controlled aluminium diecast machines with a forwarding force of 1000 kN to 5500 kN. These are partially equipped with industrial robots, which guarantees also high numbers of items equal lasting quality.

In the field of aluminium die cast, parts with a piece weight of can 2 g to 2,000 g can be produced. All marketable alloys are used.

All aluminium cast alloys used by SANDER DRUCKGUSS are recyclable and environmental friendly.

Procedure - aluminium die-casting Procedure - aluminium die-casting Procedure - aluminium die-casting